Amateur Auteurs

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Stereotypically associated with home movies or thought of as a mere hobby, so-called “amateur cinema” encompasses a wide-ranging array of film formats and genres, from simple “point-and-shoot” pieces to more intricate, creatively produced work. The story of amateur cinema in Texas, however, remains largely unknown as these films reside primarily in the private realm. The Texas Archive of the Moving Image is proud to showcase some of our favorite amateur films from across the state in Amateur Auteurs.

Through this exhibition, we explore many questions: Are all home movie makers amateurs? When feature filmmakers shoot their community or family, are they producing amateur films? Does the noncommercial aspect of amateur filmmaking allow greater experimentation? Amateur Auteurs offers a unique look into the world of Texas amateur films, some never before seen by anyone outside of the filmmaker, his or her family and friends.

An “auteur” is defined as a filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the author of the movie. Today, a mobile phone and free software can render almost anyone a filmmaker. When viewing this exhibition, be sure to remember that these “amateurs” filmed, created special effects, spliced, and projected when the process was far more arduous, expensive, and time-consuming. We are honored to present the true magic of these Amateur Auteurs!
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Curated and produced by Alicia Esquivel and Madeline Moya. This online exhibit is brought to you by: